I can’t change WalkOVR mode #

Mode changes only available if WalkOVR is not connected to your PC, Headset or Console. Therefore you need to unpair WalkOVR first. You can easily understand this by looking at the green LED on the WalkOVR. If the green led is stable lit then clicking on the mode button should not be possible. 


WalkOVR Doesn’t work in VRChat #

For some reason that we are investigating VRChat users should follow the below steps to use it with their headset:

For Rift Users

For Vive Users


I received my WalkOVR but can’t connect to OVR Portal #

First of all please be sure that you are using a bluetooth dongle and the extension cable we provided within WalkOVR Classic package.

Besides, we usually see this problem when our users mix the modes. Be sure that you are in native VR mode. If you use your WalkOVR in keyboard or gamepad mode you can’t connect to OVR Portal.

Please switch to native VR mode, to do that,

  • Exit OVR portal, exit steamVR and unpair WalkOVR.
  • Click mode button until you see the blue led on the device blinks too fast like 1 times in 3 second.
  • Then pair WalkOVR, start SteamVR, start OVR Portal and click connect.
  • Your WalkOVR should be connected in a few seconds if you only have WalkOVR connected to your PC.

If it still doesn’t connect, please be sure that you don’t have a second bluetooth card in your PC case or on your motherboard so WalkOVR may attempt to connect to that device. To test it,

  • Go to Device manager
  • Find your internal bluetooth device, right click on it and disable
  • Pair WalkOVR now, it should be paired with the bluetooth dongle now
  • Test connectivity
  • After you connect your WalkOVR once, as long as you don’t unpair your WalkOVR it should be connected to same bluetooth radio, so you can enable your internal bluetooth card again.

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