You need to calibrate your new WalkOVR so that OVR Nodes understand where they are located.

  1. Turn on OVR Nodes
  2. Click the Connect button to connect OVR nodes
  3. Click Calibrate

Step-by-Step Calibration

Please place your OVR Nodes according to these combinations:

  • 1 chest – WalkOVR One
  • 2 legs – WalkOVR Twins
  • 2 legs / 1 chest – WalkOVR Trio
calibration 1

calibration 2


calibration 3

calibration 4

Make sure the OVR Nodes are correctly placed on the straps.

Please walk in place.


calibration 5 calibration 6
Now lean right

Your calibration is complete. Have a nice game 🙂

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