First Use – WalkOVR Classic

WalkOVR may arrive at your address with an empty battery, so we strongly suggest charging your product before its first use. We provide a charging cable within your box, which can be plugged into your laptop’s USB connector or your smartphone’s quick charger (between 500 mAh to 2000 mAh).

When you plug your WalkOVR into charging, you’ll see the red led is lit. We suggest keeping your device on charge for approximately 1,5 hours. All connected sensor nodes are powered by the main node, so you only need to charge the main node of WalkOVR. There is no indicator to show that WalkOVR’s battery is fully charged however it doesn’t cause any defect even though you keep your device on charge for more than necessary.

First use 1

WalkOVR may also arrive in keyboard or gamepad modes, a mode other than Native VR mode. In such situations, you may not be able to use it directly with Native VR games. Please check “Keyboard” and “Gamepad” modes section or “Settings up WalkOVR” to properly understand and set WalkOVR mode.

Lastly, you can use your power bank anytime to power WalkOVR during your gameplay.

Set Your Play Area

WalkOVR’s Range of Use (up to v1.5.2) is around 5 meters with your Bluetooth dongle plugged into the extension cable we ship with your device. Without extension cable, it is up to 2m; Recommended distance is always around 1.5m. For the newer versions (v1.5.2 and above), the range is more than the values stated above due to the protocol change. Therefore we highly suggest updating your OVR Portal and Firmware to the latest versions.

set your play area

Wireless technology, all options have their advantages and disadvantages. While developing WalkOVR we aimed to select the most broadly used technology for all our potential customers and all types of usages to make WalkOVR the most compatible locomotion solution. However, we had to keep its price as affordable as possible for all of our customers by selecting broadly used components. Therefore we used Bluetooth for wireless communications.

One of the advantages of selecting Bluetooth is not developing big bulky modem-like devices. You can use any Bluetooth dongle to play with WalkOVR. However, Bluetooth has its disadvantages with its range. Especially while using it by attached to the human body. You have to use Bluetooth in a direct line of sight in such conditions.

To prevent any lack of communication or disconnections, we provide a USB extension cable to plug your Bluetooth dongles. Please pay attention to how to set your Bluetooth dongle to play with WalkOVR properly, as below:

set your play area2

Strapping WalkOVR On

Don’t forget to charge main hub before you start. You can use the USB-A to Micro USB charging cable with any USB port in your PC.

strapping on

1. Strap the bands to your knees, ankles and chest.

2. The band you use for the body should be positioned on your chest for better sensitivity and control.

strapping on2
3. Then patch the hub and the nodes on the bands.
strapping on3
4.Connect each node and the hub to one another via Micro USB to Micro USB cables.

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