Device LEDs – WalkOVR Classic

On WalkOVR Main Node, you see three different LEDs

Red led (USB Led) identifies that your device is connected to your PC’s USB port or charger. If your device is connected, WalkOVR shows it by a bright red light. Power connection is only used to charge your system and the battery level is indicated on your OVR Portal when you connect it through Bluetooth for Native VR gaming.

Green led (Connectivity Led) identifies the Bluetooth connectivity or low battery level. When you turn your device on, the green led starts to blink until you connect it through OVR Portal. Green led also blinks slowly when WalkOVR’s battery starts to deplete. At this moment, you should be aware that you should charge WalkOVR or plug a power bank soon to keep playing with WalkOVR.

Blue led (Status Led) identifies the device mode, if it is in Native VR mode, Keyboard mode, or Gamepad mode. Blue Status led and mode changes are explained in the following section.

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