Motion Profile – WalkOVR Classic

As you may know, WalkOVR uses motion capture techniques by determining your movements. We do it through what we call “motion profiling”. Motion profiling is the way we understand your movement pattern.

Through this section, you configure how would you like to move in your VR games. The motion pattern section is configuring how you generally want to walk in place by adjusting:

  • How much you raise your knees, through “knee level”
  • How quickly you move your legs, through “step quickness”
  • What should your in-game walking speed, through “In-game Walking Speed”
  • How much should you tilt your upper body to strafe, through “Strafing Deadzone”
  • How much should you tilt your upper body to move backwards, through “Backward Deadzone”


Here, there is one important remark. Decreasing the knee level and step quickness too much, liken your motion behavior to standing still. This situation makes it difficult for WalkOVR to understand if you are moving or standing still. Eventually, this may result in failure in room-scale usage and your small steps may encounter in-game movements as well.



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