First Use

  1. Unboxing
  2. Charging the OVR Nodes
  3. Install & Run OVR Portal 2
  4. Suit up the straps, number, and type of the straps you receive depends on the product you bought, as below:


  1. Place the OVR Nodes (WalkOVR One / Twins / Trio)
  2. Turn on OVR Nodes
    • Turn on OVR Nodes by clicking the power button on devices

NOTE: After turning on the OVR Node, you can connect directly through the OVR Portal. On the contrary, in the WalkOVR Classic version, you don’t need to pair your WalkOVR through Windows Bluetooth settings.

  1. Install & Run OVR Portal 2
  2. Choose New WalkOVRs when the OVR Portal is opened
    • Go to Settings, then Devices, and choose new WalkOVR
  1. Click the Connect button
  2. You should see the OVR Nodes are connected by green color, now calibrate to automatically detect on what body part you use your OVR Nodes
  3. Walk in place and bend your body to various directions to monitor if everything is working by following the arrows and the avatar on the Connection Status window
  4. Set Motion Profile settings to set the precision on your movement

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