Safety Instructions

The below safety instructions not only cover WalkOVR related problems but also cover VR-related issues. In all cases, please read the following instructions carefully to avoid any injuries or damages to yourself or the product.

WalkOVR is designed for ages 13 and over. If anybody younger needs to use Virtual Reality headsets or WalkOVR, a person at age 13 and over should always be present to ensure the user’s safety.

Please pay proper attention to surrounding environments while using Virtual Reality and WalkOVR. Using VR as well as WalkOVR may cause dangerous situations if you do not clear your surrounding space or if you use them next to stairs, windows, columns, etc. Pay proper attention to your safety. WalkOVR usage must be kept limited to your play area in which you should have clear all obstacles inside.

WalkOVR lets you move on a place to move in digital environments. Similar to walking or running for miles, using WalkOVR for hours may cause strain injuries. Therefore, please keep WalkOVR usage limited to avoid personal injuries and stop using it if you experience pain or similar health problems.

Please do not forget that WalkOVR is a wearable electronic device and like any other similar device following items is against the proper usage of our product: liquids, fire and/or heat sources, direct sunlight, any kind of use of force such as throwing, dropping or breaking the product. Do not try to open the enclosure, disassemble the product, especially the battery. In case of an emergency such as a rapid increase of the product temperature, stop using it immediately. In addition to these above, please use a dry cloth to clean WalkOVR and any of its accessories.

WalkOVR uses Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies and therefore can cause and can be affected by radio frequency interference. If you use any medical device that may cause health problems while using WalkOVR please consult your doctor. We strongly suggest not using other radio frequency transmitting devices to properly and efficiently use WalkOVR.

WalkOVR uses a lithium-ion polymer battery that can not be replaced or removed, please do not try to open and disassemble your product and battery. This is not only for the health and long battery lifetime of WalkOVR but also improper attempts of battery removal may cause fire or chemical burns. Besides, at the end of the battery lifetime, please dispose it according to the disposal methods of your local authorities and always keep batteries away from young children.

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