Playing Your Games

  1. Start SteamVR
  2. If your headset is HTC Vive, turn on both controllers while holding them, if not, it is ok whether or not you’ve started your controllers


      3. You will see WalkOVR icon. That shows WalkOVR is automatically integrated to SteamVR.


  1. However you still need to activate WalkOVR by starting OVR Portal. It is ‘suggested’ to start OVR Portal before SteamVR.
  2. When you start OVR Portal, you need to log in with your credentials. You should have received an email regarding your login credentials before you received your WalkOVR. If you haven’t received it, please contact us at


  1. After you’ve successfully logged in, you need to click connect button so OVR Portal can connect to your device.
  2. Upon connection, you can now test your in-game movement through the avatar and the arrows around the avatar. Based on the default parameters your movement may need to be corrected, you can play with the knee level, step quickness, strafing, and backward deadzone parameters to arrange the most comfortable gaming experience.
  3. Start and enjoy your SteamVR game that supports smooth locomotion. You may check all the games we’ve tested ourselves and verified their compatibility on

WalkOVR should already be compatible with almost any free locomotion-supported games on SteamVR. However, if there are any games you realized WalkOVR is not yet working with, please contact us at

OVR client will initially be in the BETA version, without the game profiles feature. Without game profiles, some games with headsets may not be working properly.

Please contact us at to learn more if your game is in the full list of verified games on and not working.

  1. At this moment, you should be able to move inside your VR game by moving with your own body. In case you can’t, please be sure that you enabled the “free locomotion” option in your game settings. Rather than teleportation or other ways of locomotion.

Moving in Games

With WalkOVR you can use your body to move inside a locomotion-supported VR game.

  • To move forward, just walk in place (image A)
  • To strafe right or left, lean your upper body to your right or left (image B)
  • Similarly, if you wish to move backward, lean your upper body to your back (image C)

Using your upper body lets you control your in-game movements properly, in 360 directions. If you wish to move cross forward, for example, to cross right, lean to your right and walk in place (image a and image b together). If you wish to move rear left, just lean your rear left (image b and image c together) to move in that direction.playingyourgames4

Moreover, WalkOVR doesn’t block your controller, which means you can use your controller anytime to move. If you are tired of walking in place, you can keep using your VR controller anytime.

With the OVR Portal v1.5.2, you are able to enable “leg strafing” and “treadmill walking”. This way of movement is provided to let our customers have various options. If you would like to strafe by extending your legs to your right or left, you can enable this option.

Similarly, our customers who have omnidirectional treadmills in the market can use WalkOVR with their system. If you want to free yourself and use your omnidirectional treadmill with any locomotion-enabled SteamVR game, just enable the treadmill movement option on your OVR Portal.

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