FAQ – WalkOVR Classic

What is WalkOVR? #

WalkOVR is a 6DOF based wearable motion system that using motion capture algorithms and lets you move in place to move in your Virtual reality based games and applications. 


Which games are WalkOVR compatible with? #

Currently tested and validated more than 50 games including AAA VR Titles such as Skyrim VR, Arizona Sunshine, Fallout 4 VR, Raw Data, GORN and so on. Beside with its additional modes like Keyboard and Gamepad, VR Gamers have the ability to play in different modes. Please check our games page for further info and gaming videos.


Which VR HMDs is WalkOVR classic compatible with? #

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest or Quest 2 (all via steamVR, not Oculus Home), Oculus GO (via gamepad mode), PSVR (via CronusMax AND in keyboard mode), Windows MR (via SteamVR), GearVR (via gamepad mode), Classic Cardboards (via gamepad mode)


Would this system help relieve the occasional simulator sickness? #

 Yes, according to our focus group tests, WalkOVR decreased users’ motion sickness to 2.9 from 7 over 10 points.


I manage a gaming/entertainment center, how may I contact you? #

You may contact us through sales@walkovr.com


Would you be able to make your product compatible with non-vr games played in VR using Vorpx? For example in alien isolation played in vr? #

Yes, WalkOVR classic is already available to do that. It has keyboard mode so you are able to play WASD based games you can play with any 3D stereoscopic converters such as VorpX. Check our games page here.


Are there any upcoming updates on the games list? #

WalkOVR is designed to be plug & play. Therefore any new game that supports free locomotion should be playable via WalkOVR. With all that said, WalkOVR is still under development and there are a few conflicts with different games while playing in specific headsets & controllers. In case you have further questions regarding the compatibility, you can always talk to us or comment in our Discord channel.


My PC is not next to my PSVR, how can I use CronusMax if I need it connected to my PC? #

We provide a 5 meters extension cable for CronusMax plus. Contact support@walkovr.com for further info and guidance.


Are there any minimum requirements? #

WalkOVR works on any VR Compatible desktops/laptops as long as Windows 10 OS is used to play VR. 


What is included in the WalkOVR Classic package? #

1 Base Node and 4 Small Nodes for your Body, Knees and Ankles. Plus patch cables, charging cable, user manual and OVR Portal client software.


Does WalkOVR Classic support PlayStation VR? #

Yes, currently through converters such as Cronus Max (verified, please see the video instructions prepared) or Titan II (not tested). 


Can I still use the play area? #

Yes, based on the sensitivity you set, you keep using your play area for slight positional changes where moving in place may cause larger movements as in your controller. For example if you need to move only for a few inches, then yes you should not face any unintentional movement because of WalkOVR classics you wear.


I noticed a slight delay at times between physical movement and ingame movement, is this more a side effect of it showing on the monitor or do you experience it in the HMD? #

It is totally because of the side effect of showing on the monitor. Otherwise you quickly understand from the gamer if the person feels such a delay. WalkOVR completes all algorithmic and transmission processes under 25 ms.


I am a desktop user. Do I need a Bluetooth Dongle? #



Is it tiring? #

Well, it depends on the user. Isn’t it the purpose after all 🙂 However, you can use your controllers anytime. Your controllers, your thumb etc.


How does it work for compatibility with games? Does it need a plugin for each game or is it supported by default? #

WalkOVR supports native VR games by default. You need to install OVR Portal on your desktop and as soon as you start your software it starts talking to your VR game.


Is setup too long? #

First time setup of the WalkOVR classic takes approximately 2 minutes. After you get used to what to do this gets down to 1 minute. We even don’t unplug the nodes from Velcros and we are so used to that we wear WalkOVR approximately in 30 seconds. 


Any way to add a battery pack? #

If you are good to play continuously for more than 3 hours, which means you are awesome, you can plug any battery pack / power bank while using WalkOVR. You can charge and use WalkOVR at the same time.

But really, congratulations if you are an individual that plays continuously for such a long time.


Got a video on how it works? #

Please check our games page here  for gameplay videos and the list of verified games.


What is the current status of WalkOVR Classic? #

WalkOVR Classic is currently available in limited numbers due to the release of new generation WalkOVRs and it is shipped within 3 business days..

Here you can find Tyriel Wood’s first impression video about WalkOVR and Eric for President’s unboxing of WalkOVR.


How much can we walk in Skyrim? #

Skyrim’s real life projection of playable area is actually 4,25 miles to 3,36 miles.

This actually means you can walk 5,42 miles diagonally through Tamriel.

With a regular day walk this should take 105 minutes of walking and that is approximately 479 calories burned for a standard male.

Cool isn’t it?

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