Setting Up WalkOVR

  1. Turn your WalkOVR on.
  2. Open your Bluetooth settings on your Windows Operating System.
  3. Search for active devices. Wait until it finds “WalkOVR-XXXX”
  4. Click on your WalkOVR (WalkOVR-XXXX) to connect to it. From v1.5.2 and on, WalkOVR device name shows the modes in its name as WalkOVR(VR)-XXXX, which indicates that WalkOVR is in native VR mode rather than keyboard or gamepad

setting up walkovr

WalkOVR Blue Led blinking frequency shows which mode is currently active. The following procedure is shared with the assumption that WalkOVR is in native VR mode. 

WalkOVR has three modes at the hardware level: Native VR, Keyboard, and Gamepad modes. Native VR mode is for VR games, natively built for Virtual Reality, such as Arizona Sunshine, Raw Data, Pavlov VR, or Onward.

Keyboard mode is for our daily WASD games to play with your body, in 3D stereoscopic VR. FPS Games such as Counter Strike or Alien Isolation can be some examples of this. On the other hand, to play some VR games such as DoomVFR or Skyrim VR, keyboard mode can still be used. Lastly, Gamepad mode is for Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, or Oculus GO games that work with the gamepad.

One example of this can be legendary Minecraft VR on GearVR or Slightly Heroes on Oculus GO You can switch between modes according to your needs. To change modes between Native VR, Keyboard, and Gamepad,

  1. Click the mode button.
  2. The led status indicator will stop blinking continuously for a few seconds. After that based on the mode you selected, blue led will blink in different frequencies as below:
    • Native VR – Status (Blue) led blinks 1 time
    • Keyboard Mode – Status (Blue) led blinks 2 times
    • Gamepad Mode – Status (Blue) led blinks 3 times

Once you change your WalkOVR’s mode, it becomes another device for Windows. Therefore, you have to unpair and pair your WalkOVR again through a Bluetooth connection. That is a requisite of Windows. However, for the keyboard or gamepad modes, you don’t need WalkOVR to connect to OVR Portal.

We are currently working on a virtual keyboard solution to make your mode switching smoother. You may see “keyboard” option on your OVR Client interface. It is currently disabled.

  1. Run Connection Status by clicking the Connect button

setting up walkovr2

     6. Click the Search button and then you will see Chest, RK, LK, RA, LA

     7. Click the Calibrate button or click on the calibration option in the top menu

calibration 1 calibration 2
  1. Follow the instructions and calibrate the WalkOVR

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