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A Shooter Experience: Pavlov VR

Virtual reality is not a new concept, but it has recently been re-introduced to the world and it has shaken up the gaming industry significantly. Whether you’re a fan of gaming or not, it is hard to deny that virtual gaming (VR gaming) is a very exciting development. It has gone from a niche market to the top of the trends and in these times; it creates an immersive experience that lets gamers reach new levels of immersion.

Especially some VR games in the market differ from traditional games in that players can interact with the game environment and also with each other. Naturally, a social setting in the virtual reality environment makes users enhance their VR experience to something more than just a gaming experience. Pavlov VR is one of those games where players can communicate while playing the actual game. In this article, we want to present our thoughts and comments about one of the most popular shooter VR games in the market, Pavlov VR and we want to give you a short guide about how to play Pavlov VR. Enjoy!

What Is Pavlov VR?

Pavlov VR was released in 2017 by Vankrupt Games, which is an independent studio with many years of experience in the gaming industry, they are responsible for the release of several known titles such as Nemesis Perspective and The Cat Lady. Even though it was released in 2017, it wasn’t until February 2018 that it started gaining popularity. The game is frequently compared to Counter-Strike and was praised for its graphics and intuitive controls.

The game was described by many as “the best multiplayer shooter on any VR platform.” Pavlov VR game also received praise for its large maps and modding community. It takes the best of the FPS genre and brings it into room-scale. It is said that the core focus is on fast-paced, precision gameplay in a variety of game modes with a heavy emphasis on community feedback and content creation.

Pavlov VR Gameplay
What makes Pavlov VR unique among other VR shooters? It's actually pretty simple: according to many, its gameplay mechanics are so much better than anything else. The gunplay feels incredibly fluid and responsive due to how well the studio has designed everything from recoil patterns to reload animations. The game also features tons of different weapons with varying damage outputs, making them useful in different situations depending on what to do.

What Else Can You Do In Pavlov VR?

Pavlov VR features a competitive multiplayer mode, with matchmaking and an in-game ranking system. There are multiple levels, including a school, a shopping mall, and an airport. Players can choose from a large arsenal of weapons such as pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Pavlov VR is a VR shooter that is very similar to Counter-Strike, but with a few new twists. Unlike other VR shooters, Pavlov uses motion controllers as hands, as opposed to having you hold guns all the time. In Pavlov, you pick up weapons off tables or out of your backpack. You can even holster them to your side if you want to go hand-to-hand against another player.
It is easy to tell how to play Pavlov VR: you choose your equipment then join a server. The game offers several modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch, search and destroy (plant or defuse bombs), free for all, or gun game (you have to kill an enemy with one shot each weapon). Once you're on the servers, you can communicate with other players using voice chat. In addition to this feature, Pavlov VR also has gestures that allow you to communicate nonverbally with other players.

How can WalkOVR be used in Pavlov VR?

Pavlov VR is a fast-paced game where you are basically chasing the enemy, escaping or hiding from it. Therefore, it is one of the best games where you can use your legs and body. With WalkOVR, you can get rid of the controllers to move and engage your physical movements in the game. You can hide from the enemies by crouching, get your gun from the floor by bending and you can just chase your enemy by using your legs physically. Below, you can see a short clip of the Pavlov VR gameplay with WalkOVR.
In the end, Pavlov is a fun and engaging shooter that has a lot of potential. The game missions are fast-paced and will test your hand/eye coordination in many exciting situations. The backstory is compelling and complements the gameplay quite nicely. Thanks to its great gameplay, sleek visuals, and excellent voice acting, Pavlov VR is sure to please most players of VR shooters out there. For us, using WalkOVR is one of the best ways to play Pavlov VR because using a VR locomotion device will definitely boost your Pavlov VR gameplay and change the way you play in virtual reality!
Track your movements in VR
Track your movements in VR