Dead Effect 2 VR
WalkOVR Gameplay

Dead Effect 2 VR Gameplay with WalkOVR

Dead Effect 2 VR is the reconstructed VR version of the acclaimed Dead Effect franchise. It is an action sci-fi shooter that pushes the boundaries of first-person shooters to new levels with slick graphics, rich narrative, and RPG elements combined into a Virtual Reality experience.

There are several game modes in dead Effect 2 VR: single-player missions, cooperative or PvP multiplayer mode. In the single-player campaign, you can explore the whole ship and enjoy the stunning environments. In Co-op or PvP multiplayer mode you can challenge in special missions with your friends.

WalkOVR is the most compatible locomotion solution, specifically designed for  VR. The built-in motion capture algorithms track gamers’ body movements and transform them into virtual reality.

With WalkOVR, you’re able to physically move in digital games and environments. You can walk in VR, you can run in VR, you can bend or even strafe in VR. All of your movements are reflected in your game.

Let's strap your WalkOVR on, and have the ultimate Dead Effect 2 VR experience!

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