Best VR Experience: VRChat with WalkOVR MOCAP

For many years, virtual reality has been a huge platform for gamers who want a bit more than a classic video game experience. Especially in the last few years, the number of gamers who like to spend time in VR has significantly increased, and with the latest developments in VR technology, it seems like virtual adventures will take the place of video games.

Among all of the VR games, one game especially has been drawing the attention of many who prefer a more social gaming experience in virtual reality. VRChat is one of the most well-known social VR experiences among virtual reality games and we can easily say that the game definitely deserves all the attention.

What Is VRChat?


Since its release to Steam in 2017, VRChat has been incredibly successful and literally shined out among the other VR games with its uniqueness at that time. The designers of VRChat achieved the hard task to create an alternative social environment in virtual reality for everyone, in which almost anything is possible!

The users are able to customize their avatars according to their own preferences, and everyone can be who they really want to be. There is a huge variety of distinct atmospheres in different worlds in the game, and every world offers a brand new adventure! Besides, the users can create their own worlds filled with more adventure, by using the SDK on the official website, specifically designed for passionate gamers. In VRChat, all you need is your imagination and passion.

What Else Can You Do In VRChat?

Among many other features in VRChat, the ability to interact with other people in a completely different environment is probably the biggest reason that people from all over the world enjoy the game. Especially during the pandemic, the popularity of VRChat increased even more, since many people experienced the quarantine and fulfilled their desire to socialize on VRChat. Many content creators on YouTube and Twitch like to spend time in VRChat, communicate and socialize with others and have fun at different events.
This alternative social environment has created a huge unique community that many people enjoy being a part of. In our opinion, the best thing that the VRChat community does is to create very original events that many people can participate in and have fun with! Especially, dance battles are probably the most popular events held in VRChat, in which people can show their moves just like in real life, but on a virtual stage this time! VRChat lets gamers use external motion capture devices and show their full-body motions, including lip and eye movements.

How is WalkOVR MOCAP used in VRChat?

Motion capture is probably the most crucial thing for users of VRChat, who want to see and show their real movements in the game. However, it is a known fact that there aren’t many options for motion capture devices in the virtual reality market that have a good price and performance ratio for home scale users.
As is seen in our video in VRChat, WalkOVR MOCAP, our latest all-in-one product, enables motion capture and VR locomotion just with one system and offers users an affordable way for full-body motion tracking. The system consists of 5 nodes that accurately track your movements and transmit them into the virtual reality environment. To track your leg and body movements accurately in VRChat, the nodes are worn on the waist, knees, and ankles, with strap bands that are included in the package and the price.
With its simplicity and quality, WalkOVR MOCAP is one of the best VR accessories that you can use while hanging out in VRChat. Don’t forget to check out our WalkOVR MOCAP product page and the video in which we talk about the features in more detail.
Track your movements in VR
Track your movements in VR