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Best VR Games You Should Buy On Steam Autumn Sale

It is finally the time for one of the most anticipated Steam sales in 2021! Steam Autumn Sale has started on November 24 and all of the discounts will run until December 1. This is definitely great news, but it is also possible that it may be a little overwhelming to choose the right VR game among all of the great promotions. Therefore, we wanted to recommend some of the best VR games from different genres and in this article and we present to you our selection of the best VR games you should buy on Steam Autumn Sale.
the forest
As one of the best survival VR games in the market, The Forest offers an open-world experience in virtual reality with a very satisfying immersion. In the game, you are the survivor of a plane accident and you should explore the different areas, look for clues, and most importantly, survive. It is certain that the atmosphere will seem very familiar if you have seen Lost before; but in this game, you should also be careful about the possible dangers of the cannibalistic residents of the forest. In our opinion, it is a brilliant game filled with realistic details and it is already considered one of the classic VR games even though it was released in 2018. If you’d like a good adventure VR game, you should definitely check it out!
until you fall
This game is definitely nothing like your classic sword fight VR games. On the contrary, it takes place in an unworldly atmosphere filled with adrenaline and magic! Since its release in 2020, Until The Fall has been made into many lists of the best VR games, just like our list of 10 Best VR Games on Oculus Quest 2. According to many, the game stands out with its stunning graphics, environment design, and sound effects. After all, it is no surprise that behind the success of Until You Fall, there is the same studio that has created I Expect You To Die, and it is certain that with their latest bombs, they are expected for more by many VR gamers! Don’t forget to check it out in Steam Autumn Sale if you want to live a unique VR gaming experience!
into the radius
Get ready for one of the best shooter VR games in the market! Into The Radius VR is a virtual reality shooter game with an addition of a great storyline. The game takes place in an area where a strange incident has occurred, and as the main character, you try to explore the mysteries of the area. In the game, you should be careful about the strange environment and bizarre entities that emerged in the area after the incident. Into The Radius VR is definitely not a classic experience that you expect from a shooter game, but it is more like a mixture of survival and shooter game elements. According to us, the game environment must be experienced at least once, so don’t miss out on the chance to buy it in Steam Autumn Sale with a great deal!
pavlov vr
Have you ever played Counter-Strike before? If you are familiar with it, and you like it, you will definitely love Pavlov VR! Pavlov VR may be one of the most popular shooter games in the market, but its difference makes it shine out among other similar games; it is a multiplayer game in which you can communicate with different people on many servers that the game have. Pavlov VR takes place in a simple but fast-paced environment where you need to keep up with the community in the game, and that is what makes it so fun to play! We can definitely say that if you are a fan of shooter games with heavy action and a highly active community, this game is definitely for you!
Skyrim VR
Skyrim VR is definitely a classic gem that you have probably not just heard of, but also played at least once before. The creators of The Elder Scrolls franchise have always been given us the most anticipated video games for more than 20 years and with the release of Skyrim VR in 2017, they have taken their step a little further to the virtual reality world. Skyrim VR has been one of the games that almost everyone likes because of its great mechanics, immersive gameplay, but mostly because of its huge open-world map! According to many, the mods that you can add also upgrade your gameplay to another level. If you want to try this great atmosphere, the Steam Autumn Sale is definitely the best chance to buy it!
To be honest, we have a love-hate relationship when it comes to horror VR games since they are both scary but fun at the same time! Even though it may be a bone-chilling experience to even try to play them, you will definitely enjoy the adrenaline rush! Phasmophobia has been “the” game that made us feel this way after a very long time; it is definitely one of the best horror VR games that have been released in this decade. Even if it may come as a surprise that it has a very classic story behind it, even the atmosphere of the game is enough to keep you on your toes. The reviews about the game have been overwhelmingly positive and the popularity of the game increases day by day, and in our opinion, it is a well-deserved reputation! Don’t forget to check out this incredible game if you are a fan of VR horror games!
the walking dead saints and sinners
By playing this game, you may live one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences in your life! According to many, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners have been one of the best VR games, independent from the genre, and we definitely agree with the general opinion! In the game, the choices are up to you, and according to the choices you made, you can be either a saint or a sinner! You can explore the apocalyptic environment, craft yourself new weapons and of course, fight against the zombies, and sometimes against the humans as well! The game has +15 hours of gameplay time and with its latest update called Aftershocks, you can experience the adventure even longer! It is unique and addictive, and you should definitely give it a try!
half-life: alyx
As you may have guessed even before opening this article, the winner of our list has been Half-Life: Alyx! We don’t even need to talk much about the game because it has been one of the most popular games these days and you have probably heard of its reputation before! The game is incredibly captivating even from the start, and it checks every box until the end. According to many, everything about Half-Life: Alyx has high quality; it is not just a game but it is definitely a whole experience! The game may be explained as a human race survival game in an apocalyptic environment but we don’t want to spoil anything by mentioning what is going on in the game plot-wise. We just highly recommend trying this experience by yourself, so check it out in this Steam Autumn Sale!
We wanted to give Myst as a bonus in our article because we love this virtual reality remake of the classic video game; and if you like puzzle VR games, it is certain that you will love it like us! In the game, you will explore a beautiful island filled with mysteries, and you will try to solve them by looking for clues. Like we mentioned before, the latest VR version is the remake of the original game, which was released in 1993 and is probably older than some of us. We think it is amazing that this game is still beautiful and fun to play, and that is why we wanted to recommend it to you again as we did in our list of the best puzzle VR games. If you are looking for a different but also familiar game, you should definitely check it out!
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Track your movements in VR