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8 Best VR Games You Can Play With WalkOVR

VR games have started to be in our lives more and more every day, especially in the last decade. We all love an escape from the real world in VR games, but we are also searching for the most realistic experience possible. For this reason, we are working on upgrading your VR gaming experience and offer VR enthusiasts one of the most immersive ways of VR locomotion technologies in the market. In this article, we will tell you about the best games you can play with WalkOVR, to enjoy the VR games in the best way possible.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is one of the best VR games that have been released in the last decade. It was released in 2016, and since then, everyone still seems to be loving playing it. It may be considered as a very good example of a classic survival horror game, it has a balanced mixture of adventure and thrill elements, and it always keeps you on your toes. We, and many of the VR players who have tried WalkOVR, consider Arizona Sunshine one of the games that WalkOVR is the most compatible with. You can use your legs physically to run from the zombies in the game, or you can bend and take your gun from the ground to fight with them! You’ll certainly enjoy more the thrilling environment of Arizona Sunshine with WalkOVR!

Onward VR

Onward VR is perfect for you if you like to play shooter games. It is a game that takes place in a war-like environment and you will be amazed by the impressively realistic combat experience in the game. Like Arizona Sunshine, Onward is a relatively old game compared to others on the list, but it certainly is a classic. With WalkOVR, the whole game experience of Onward doubles up, because you use the controllers only for using the guns in the game, not for moving. Also with WalkOVR, you separate the direction that you move and you look, which means you can see the enemies behind you while you keep moving forward. If you have played Onward before, you will definitely see the difference when you try WalkOVR. Just put on the goggles and survive in this war environment!


We are all in for this amazing medieval fantasy VR game! As Team WalkOVR, we love Blade&Sorcery and we are aware that many VR enthusiasts also agree with us on that. Blade&Sorcery is one of the most well-known VR games in the market and it has been very popular since its release in 2018. It is a game that most of the things depend on your own creativity. A warrior, a ranger, or a sorcerer, you can choose who you want to be, and how you fight. And with WalkOVR, you can experience the game atmosphere way better because it provides you more immersion in the game and more realistic gameplay. Just give this game a shot if you like the fantasy games filled with adventure!

Pavlov VR

pavlov vr
Another shooter VR game on the list, Pavlov VR is a fast-paced combat experience with the elements of thrill, adventure, and survival. There are numerous features and game mods to explore in the game and that is the best part of Pavlov VR. It is innovative and immersive, that’s why you never got bored of playing it. Also according to our experience and the other VR gamers, it has one of the best communities among all of the games in the market. With WalkOVR, you can add an additional dimension to the whole other features of the game and even improve your excitement more!


This game is brutal! GORN can be defined as a very violent gladiator VR game, where you have to face your other gladiator enemies in a huge arena. Seems simple, but if you have ever played GORN before, you know what we mean, it is definitely a blast that you will burn many calories while you blow off your steam in the game. And obviously WalkOVR will double up the calories that you burn by engaging your legs in the game and giving you a real gladiator feeling fighting in the arena! The freedom and ease of movement in the game with WalkOVR will definitely blow your mind and upgrade the gameplay experience of GORN.

Raw Data

raw data
As another sci-fi VR game on the list, Raw Data has a mind-blowing atmosphere and an amazing immersion. The game takes place in Neo-Shinjuku in 2271 and the game environment is totally accurate with the backstory. Raw Data is designed specifically for VR, and it shows. It is an action combat game where you can try to explore and survive solo, or you can team up with others, however you want. Also, there are many characters in the game and it just adds up to the game atmosphere. With WalkOVR, you can immerse yourself even more into the game and enjoy Raw Data like you are a protagonist of a sci-fi movie!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

We feel certain that everybody familiar with video games, in general, is also familiar with The Elder Scrolls game franchise. Skyrim is one of the games that this franchise has given us in 2011. After then, Skyrim VR was released in 2017 and all of the VR gamers went crazy because the game has been known for its enormous map and its joy of exploring. It offers the players an unworldly experience, as well as it feels like you are in the real world. It is still considered to be one of the best VR games that have ever been released. Therefore we suggest that you try playing Skyrim VR if you haven’t already, but this time with WalkOVR!


If you like sci-fi action movies that are about brutal robots and takes place in a futuristic environment, this game is for you! But mainly, the thing that we most like about Boneworks is probably its stunning graphics. Its high level of immersion and realistic details makes Bonework one of the most creepy but funny games among others. As a small company, Stress Level Zero has given us a masterpiece, in our opinion. And as good news, it is on this list, which means you can try it with WalkOVR to engage your body into the game and experience the atmosphere much more than ever! Get ready to be amazed!
So in this list, we have picked for you the best VR games that you can play with WalkOVR, according to us. WalkOVR is compatible with many other VR games, too, just check out our games page to see if your favorite VR game is on the list!
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Track your movements in VR