WalkOVR Twins is a set of fully wireless motion nodes worn on the knees. With WalkOVR Twins, you can walk and run in place. It reduces the effect of motion sickness, as well as provides a much more immersive gaming experience. Take your gaming to the next level!

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Bend or Crouch with no Hassle

Need to reload your weapon? Bend forward or crouch to get the clip from the surface. Hide behind the sandbags in Onward. Grab your sword from the arena floor in Blade & Sorcery
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Let Your Legs Work, Burn More Calories

Normally you play these games by standing still. Now it is time to make your legs work.

WalkOVR does not only make your VR experience more immersive but also convert VR gaming into a new way for getting fit.

Reserve your TWINS today%20 off for $5 USD

Hundreds Of Games

No more waiting for any new games to be developed, it is not only PLUG&PLAY but also compact, easy to use, cost-efficient, and for your everyday games.

More than 100 games were tested and verified not only by WalkOVR Team but also by the community. Check our games page for more detail.

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    Designed for all Steam VR games developed today or in the future for the top VR headsets

    and it just works in 4 steps!

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    WalkOVR users wear our proprietary motion trackers called OVR Nodes on their ankles, their knees or their chest
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    When users start moving in place, the  algorithms running inside OVR Nodes track gamers’ movement
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    Then, in a few milliseconds, calculated and filtered motion data is transmitted to OVR Portal
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    OVR PORTAL 2.0

    Now More Powerful, Robust, Easy To Use

    Once the user's motion is transmitted, OVR Portal starts processing received data and converts it into your favorite VR game in real-time

    Download OVR Portal v2

    User Manual