Change the way you experience Virtual Reality

The portal that lets you physically move inside VR Games

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Move physically in Virtual Reality

OVR Portal is your gateway to enhance your Virtual Reality experience, with the help of our proprietary wearable nodes.

OVR portal gets your physical movements in real life and transforms them into digital motions. So you move inside games directly by physical movements.


Not just a locomotion device

You can now use WalkOVR as a mocap tool for available games such as fantastic VRChat, Blade&Sorcery and many more.

Now you can join dance contests in VRChat or swarm game arena directly by using your physical legs, literally inside virtual reality!

Decouple your Movement Direction

You move where you look or where you point your controller right?

With WalkOVR, use your upper body to direct yourself as we do in real life. It is one of the most convenient ways to decrease the side effects of virtual reality. Tested with hundreds of VR enthusiasts.

Look around while you move in Virtual Reality!


Decide how you want to move

You can set and modify your movement patterns directly from OVR Portal, so you move inside your favourite game according to your customized needs.

Monitor how many calories you burn in VR

OVR Portal can monitor your VR experience no matter if you have WalkOVR or not so you can now know and understand your VR performance from a fitness point of view.

No matter what headset and VR system you use. You are not bound to specific apps and headsets to see how you burn through VR.


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