WALKOVR May 2020 Update

WalkOVR May 2020 Update

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Hi Everyone,

So, new releases, new features, new updates. With a dream of getting better and better in such Corona days.
We just released the new OVRPortal version, v1.5.1, with a couple of 'additional' compatibilities.
For those who are not familiar yet:
WalkOVR can be used as a native VR controller for Vive, Rift, Rift S, Quest (see below), Pimax, Index,
WalkOVR can be used as a wearable keyboard for PC Based Legends like CS:GO, Alien Isolation etc. to play through 3D Stereoscopic systems such as VorpX
or WalkOVR can be used as a wearable gamepad for mobile VR systems such as Quest, Oculus GO, GearVR, Google Cardboard or any other gamepad supported mobile VR headsets/games.
Anyway 🙂

What's new in v1.5.1

You can check release notes here.

To summarize, we just extended the use cases of WalkOVR. Even further.

Quest User? Check it out

Ladies and gentlemen, Oculus Quest users are now able to use their WalkOVR,
through ALVR,
through Virtual Desktop
wirelessly, to play SteamVR games in native VR mode.
This makes WalkOVR even more compatible than ever.




Index User? then Check this out

Index users are also able to play with WalkOVR now. Just visit here and add the equivalent mapping option to your Knuckles. Then you'll see you are now able to use WalkOVR.

Improved Energy calculations and Login issues

We improved the energy calculations for your common VR usage.
If you are still not aware, you can track your calorie consumption during your VR experience, in real-time, with or without WalkOVR.
Plus, we improved the mechanisms regarding the login process and fixed some minor bugs.

What's Next?

Next is v1.5.2 and FW r901.
New algorithm, more precise motions, decoupling and minor features as well as some further surprises as I mentioned in my last update.
VRGamerDude Tried WalkOVR
One of the top and most beloved Youtubers in VR area, Don aka VRGamerDude also tried WalkOVR and shared his review on his channel. 
Have a look at his video by clicking on the image or the below URL:

Sandra & Vlaeg Also Tested WalkOVR

If you are a German Speaker, you may want to have a look at Sandra and Vlaeg's video about WalkOVR.

You may click the image or the URL below:





It is still fresh and we would be very happy to see you with us.

Please welcome to our Discord channel:




VR & Gaming for 'more'

We keep sharing this about the global pandemic. 
We believe VR & gaming is one of the major key players in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Therefore we created a page specifically for that, called 'VR for more'.
We do support content providers as well as some Indie developers in various ways but at least by promoting them in every aspect we can.  If you have that possibility, we encourage you to do the same and support some of the great VR creators that may need your support by all means. 
Whatever that support is, it seems just the right time to do it.

Please let us know if you would like to suggest anything further regarding that. Your feedback is more important now.

#stayhome  and keep #playgame


We love you