Animate your avatars with affordable mocap
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With our latest SDK download, you can make a VR game on your own using WalkOVR!

Offer the unique features of WalkOVR to your players, and WalkOVR will help you on your way to becoming a virtual reality developer!

Don't forget to check out the full video below to see how WalkOVR makes your VR game development process much more efficient and easy!

Move Physically in VR

Move as you should by using your legs and physical body rather than using your controller. Offer your players a unique VR gaming experience.

Walk, run in all directions. Tilt your upper body to strafe sideways, move cross directions or move backward. Instantly move and stop like in real life. 


Animate Your Characters

WalkOVR now can be used as a mocap tool for Unity3D and you can rig your animations with WalkOVR to let your avatar make certain movements.

More affordable than common tools and accessories in the market.


Look Around While You Move

You move where you look or where you point your controller right?

With WalkOVR, you can offer your players decoupling, which enables the use of the upper body to direct the body just like in real life.

It is one of the most convenient ways to decrease the side effects of virtual reality.


Offer Unique VR Movements

WalkOVR is a locomotion tool combined with mocap powers.

You can actually provide locomotion as well as decoupling features provided by WalkOVR for your VR games, simulations or custom projects

Bend or Crouch with no Hassle

WalkOVR will let your players bend and crouch in your game easily and you can provide them a much more realistic VR experience.
Track your movements in VR
Track your movements in VR

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