New OVR Straps – shor for legs


WalkOVR is the most compatible locomotion solution for Virtual Reality. Forget About The Touchpad and Change The Way You Move in VR. Walk, run in all directions. Strafe and bend. Move as you should by using your legs and body rather than using your controller.

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What is WalkOVR
WalkOVR is an affordable and modular locomotion solution designed for Virtual Reality. It tracks users’ movements and transmits them into virtual reality games and applications. It is designed for the gamer to enjoy virtual reality games better, by involving their bodies physically rather than pressing a button on your controller. It is evolved day by day and will be available to use as a motion capture suit in the future.
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What is in the package:
1 Hub (Base Node) to connect wearable nodes
4 Wearable nodes for your knees and ankles
4 patch cables, to connect nodes to each other
1 charging cable, to charge WalkOVR
1 Large strap for base node
4 Small straps for wearable nodes
Digital versions of user manual & OVR Portal Client for your PC