New VR Games Of 2023 So Far

2023 – the future of virtual reality gaming has arrived! From mountainous landscapes to underwater wonderlands, from thrilling shooters to calming puzzlers, every day you can find something new and exciting to explore. You'll be so absorbed by the visuals and sounds that it'll be like stepping into another world – and the possibilities are endless!

So whether you're an experienced gamer or just looking for something fun to do, why not put on those goggles and take your gaming experience to the next level? With so many incredible VR titles available in 2023 so far, you're sure to find something that scratches your itch. Get ready, because it's time to let your imagination run wild! So in this article, we'll look at some of the best new VR games of 2023 so far, for you to explore and enjoy!


The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR by Supermassive Games Ltd. is an exciting virtual reality adventure game that takes players on a journey through an immersive world of horror and suspense. The game is a unique combination of horror, exploration, puzzle-solving, and action as you travel through lush forests, abandoned villages, and cursed temples in search of your missing family. You'll have to use your wits and survive deadly encounters to find the truth behind what happened to them.

The game mechanics are designed to provide a tense experience as you explore the world and solve puzzles, and the visuals are polished for a truly immersive experience. Reviews from gamers have been positive thus far, noting its graphics, dynamic environments, and responsive controls. Get ready to be taken on a thrilling ride – The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is not to be missed!


Creed: Rise to Glory - Championship Edition by SURVIOS, INC. is the newest entry in the world of virtual reality sports. Inspired by the Rocky Balboa series, this game puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed as he embarks on a journey to become the world's next boxing champion. The story mode follows Creed's life as he rises through the ranks of up-and-coming fighters while dealing with personal issues and drama outside the ring. The solo game experience allows players to build their own fight careers from scratch, or compete in tournaments for a chance at glory.

The game mechanics have been praised for their realistic feel. Players can learn a variety of real-life boxing techniques such as jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, as well as defensive strategies like ducking and weaving. The game also features a range of special power punches that can knock out opponents with one hit. With its easy-to-understand tutorials and intense 1v1 battles, it seems like this VR game will be becoming one of the most popular sports titles in 2023.


Across the Valley by FusionPlay is a virtual reality game that immerses you in an expansive 3D world of farms, fields, and rustic country roads. You get to play as a farmer, exploring the lands around your home with nothing but curiosity and daring. The story follows the rise of farming technology and its effects on rural life, with the player taking on various tasks such as harvesting, planting crops, tending animals, and managing resources. From there, an intriguing narrative unfolds.

The game mechanics are intuitive and exciting, allowing players to engage with the environment in multiple ways. Whether it's driving a tractor, patrolling for pests, or simply taking in the beauty of the countryside, there's always something interesting to do. The reviews so far have been great, with people praising the attention to detail and the ability to explore freely within the game world. It's an experience that will keep you coming back for more!


Step into the world of Half-Life 2: VR Mod - Episode Two, a virtual reality experience crafted by the Source VR Mod Team. This game follows in the footsteps of the original Half-Life series, but this time you will be taking the action to your own level. The story follows Doctor Gordon Freeman as he journeys through an interdimensional portal, where he encounters the G-Man and fights off an alien race known as the Combine.

Gameplaywise, expect detailed graphics and intense action throughout each level. With full control of your body and weapons, you'll have to make use of your movement and strategic planning if you want to survive. On top of that, you can enjoy modifications to the traditional Half-Life gameplay such as bullet time, scanning objects, and luck-based mini-games. The reviews have been positive thus far, with players praising its faithful recreation of the classic Half-Life experience and its inventive additions. With its gripping story and unique mechanics, Half-Life 2: VR Mod - Episode Two is sure to provide a thrilling journey for fans old and new alike.


Fruit Ninja VR 2 is the sequel to the beloved three-dimensional virtual reality game from Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd. The game takes these classic fruit-slicing mechanics and expands them into a new 3D space, offering more ways to play and experience the Fruit Ninja franchise than ever before. The story follows a group of ninjas as they fight their way through various stages of an arcade-style game with different levels and goals.

The game mechanics are simple yet sophisticated. Players use two swords (or wands) to slice up incoming fruit and dodge various obstacles for points. There are also various power-ups and special weapons to collect, allowing players to customize their gaming experience. With its unique take on the classic Fruit Ninja formula, it is sure to be an instant hit with both newcomers and hardcore fans alike.


Welcome to A Knight in the Attic, an exciting VR game from Mighty Yell. This thrilling adventure game places you in a mysterious attic of an old castle with a secret quest. You are tasked with exploring the attic and uncovering its secrets as you deal with enemies and puzzles along the way.

This game is full of intense action and strategic gameplay that will challenge and engage you as you progress through the story. You'll encounter various obstacles including ninja-style warriors, giant spiders, and surprising traps. The unique battle system focuses on timing and finesse and lets you level up your weapons and skills as you go. The story of A Knight in the Attic is engaging and immersive with real-time choices that truly impact the outcome of the game. The atmosphere is both eerie and exciting and leaves you wanting more as you unravel the layers of this intriguing adventure. So, be sure to check it out!


Not For Broadcast VR is a virtual reality game from NotGames that takes players into the heart of a newsroom. The game takes place in an alternate, slightly off-kilter present day where you become the news anchor and report the news - live! You need to make sure that you accurately report the facts while also engaging your viewers with witty banter.

The game mechanics are simple yet engaging. You're responsible for deciding how to prioritize stories and tailoring the coverage to your viewers. From editing videos on-air, to managing cameramen and live switching between camera inputs - this game has it all! With multiple difficulty settings and mission-based gameplay, Not For Broadcast VR definitely has something for everyone. It's a hybrid game that combines simulation, puzzle, and management elements in a fun and satisfying way. If you're looking for a fun and immersive virtual reality experience, then this game might be just what you need.


Guardians Frontline is a VR game that brings a sci-fi, fast-paced action experience to your fingertips. Taking control of an elite Guardian soldier, you will fight your way through intense battles in an untamed solar system. Unlock powerful new weapons and upgrade your Guardian as you progress through the game's story-driven campaign.

Experience the thrill of battle with realistic physics and deadly enemies. Get into the action with intuitive game mechanics such as dual-wielding pistols, flying jetpacks, and massive mechs. Immerse yourself in the sci-fi world with amazing visuals, sound effects, and animations. All in all, Guardians Frontline may become one of the top VR games of 2023.