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Most Anticipated VR Games of 2022

A new year means new games will be introduced to the market! We all are excited that we will be seeing new developments in the VR world, and like everyone else, we are looking forward to playing new VR games in 2022! In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming VR games that everyone is waiting for in 2022. Enjoy!
Zenith: The Last City was one of the games that we wrote about before in the list of Best Upcoming Games in 2021. The game wasn’t released in 2021 due to many reasons, but finally, the game has been released on January 27, and everyone literally went crazy about it! Zenith: The Last City is a fresh social VR platform for everyone who likes to hang out in virtual environments. According to the reviews of the game, many people seem pleased with the outcome and we definitely agree with the general opinion; Zenith: The Last City will probably be one of the most popular VR games of 2022!
One of the most anticipated games in 2021 and also in January 2022 has finally been published on January 22! Wanderer is ready to be purchased and played on Steam, and from the reviews, it seems like it is an amazing game filled with adventure and excitement! Wanderer can be considered as a puzzle VR game where the character travels through time while solving the puzzles and unraveling the mysteries in the game. It is a game with a great storyline and amazing graphics mixed together, and according to us, it was definitely worth waiting! If you are curious, make sure to check the Steam page of the game!
Vertigo 2 is one of the games that was planned to be published in 2021, but due to many reasons, it was delayed to 2022, as we have covered in our blog post of Best Upcoming Games in 2021. It is definitely one of the games that we are most excited about! From the trailers and the images of the game, it seems like the game has many cool details and the gameplay probably will be a little bizarre but so much fun. To be honest, the whole game makes us remember the scenes from Alice in the Wonderland mixed with some sci-fi elements and we are certain that the game will be very interesting to play! You can also play the demo beforehand, so don’t forget to check out the Steam page of the game.
Green Hell VR
Green Hell VR is one of the most anticipated survival VR games of 2022, and like many, we are so excited to play it! It is a VR game that takes place in the Amazon rainforest, where players need to survive against the wild conditions in the jungle. From the trailers of the game, the graphics and the details seem really exciting and the game promises an enhanced immersive experience to the players. The developers of the game state that Green Hell VR will be released in early 2022, and for now, it is certain that many VR enthusiasts like us are looking forward to playing the game! If you want to add the game to your wishlist, don’t forget to visit the official Steam page of the game and get ready for this survival adventure!
Get ready for this upcoming sci-fi VR adventure! Hubris is an action-adventure VR game that takes place in a new environment, Hubris sci-fi universe. As Team WalkOVR, we generally love everything about sci-fi universes, and to be honest, this may be the VR game we are most excited about in this list! The universe of the game seems really captivating and from the introductions of the game, it seems that the story also will be very interesting. For many VR gamers, the game has been intriguing since its announcement and everyone is waiting for its release impatiently. You can join the discord channel of the game if you want to keep up with the upcoming information!
Propagation VR Paradise Hotel
If you have played Propagation VR before, we are sure that you have heard about this new version, Propagation: Paradise Hotel. As you may know, Propagation VR has been one of the most popular VR games in the last 2 years, since the single-player version was free and the co-op version was very cheap but incredibly satisfying for most VR players! With the success of Propagation VR, the bar has been set very high and everyone hopes that Propagation: Paradise Hotel to exceed their expectations! For now, there isn’t much information about the game, except a trailer video and a couple of images on Steam, but it is certain that everyone is excited to play it! Propagation: Paradise Hotel is said to be released at the end of 2022, so make sure to add it to your list if you like horror VR games!
The Exorcist Legion VR SIN
As the VR game version of the well-known book and the movie, The Exorcist, The Exorcist: Legion VR SIN is one of the most anticipated upcoming games of 2022. The game will be the sequel of The Exorcist: Legion VR and it is certain that it will be as terrifying as the first game! The game will be produced by the lead production team, Pocket Money Games, which is the producer studio of one of the most popular VR games, Superhot VR. It is said that The Exorcist: Legion VR SIN will be played both as single or multiplayer versions and in our opinion, this will definitely be interesting when we think about the plot of the game! The game will be released in late 2022, so we are looking forward to it!
So, this is our list of the most anticipated VR games of 2022. With WalkOVR, you will be able to enjoy them with much better immersion, and also, WalkOVR provides you with a much more realistic experience. Get ready for the adventures and explore the latest games in the best way possible!
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Track your movements in VR