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Hello everyone!

We hope that you are well. As we always say, we are working harder every day to make your VR experience unique! 

We feel like 2022 started a little too fast for us, especially because of our attendance at CES in January. In these two months, we have been focusing on the possible improvements that we can do to provide you with a way better experience in VR. 

In this article, we wanted to give you a quick update about our latest improvements on our products and services. Get yourself a coffee and get ready, because we have some big upgrades to tell you today.


New Releases

We are safe to state that in 2022, we have released some great features and fixed some important issues that most of our users suffered, so let us put them in order here altogether!

WalkOVR Classic

Firstly, we have released the motion capture feature for WalkOVR Classic in the second half of January! Now, WalkOVR Classic users can enjoy VR games with mocap support, such as VRChat, Blade and Sorcery, and NeosVR.

We know that many of our Classic users had been waiting for this feature and we really appreciate everyone being patient with us and believing in us. We hope that you are pleased with the result 🙂

WalkOVR With Vive Tracker

The second big news comes with our latest OVR Portal release. We are extremely happy to announce to you that OVR Portal now has built-in Vive Tracker support, which means you can combine your WalkOVR nodes with the Vive Trackers! 

If you have Vive Trackers but you want to enhance the number of trackers you use, you can get yourself a WalkOVR to enhance your system! And vice versa, if you have WalkOVR One, Twins, or Trio, you can upgrade your system to WalkOVR MOCAP by combining them with Vive Trackers. 

The feature is applicable for both motion capture and VR locomotion; as a result of the progress in the VR locomotion side of the Vive Tracker support, various improvements and optimizations have been applied to the algorithms of the VR locomotion. This has been very effective especially for the 5-node systems.

With the Vive Tracker support, now you have more freedom to use your trackers however you want. So don’t wait up and try this fresh way of tracking your movements in virtual reality!

New Release Means New Features

To be honest, our latest BETA release is really good, because we have done some important improvements to our system, and accordingly, it will upgrade your VR gaming!

We have released an auto-reconnect feature, with which your disconnected nodes will be connected again automatically in no time. As we try to create this feature, we have improved the connection of the nodes too; so in our opinion, this feature may solve the common connection issues that users experience.

Saving the position of the node has been one of the most wanted features in WalkOVR, and the wait is over! Now you don’t need to manage node positions several times as long as you use the same node on the same body part. You just need to enable “Keeping WalkOVR Configuration” from Settings > General.

An Advanced Settings option has been added to the Motion Profile/Moves menu for you to arrange some motion settings. This gives you more freedom to customize the settings according to your preference.

Also, for WalkOVR Classic Keyboard mode, jumping and crouching features have been enabled.

Lastly, various bugs and improvements have been included in this BETA release.

Blog Posts

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