Burn Twice More Calories
In Virtual Reality

Just By Using WalkOVR!
Only for $179 $159

Use Your Legs
In VR Games

Our legs contain 60 to 80 percent of our muscles and burn way more calories. Use your legs and start burning twice more calories in VR.


Don't Just Stand Still,
Use Your Body

You don't need base stations. You can use it with Oculus, Vive, Index, or others; you just need SteamVR and a mocap-enabled game.

Strap and Start Moving

Easily strap your OVR nodes on and start moving your body.

The latest WalkOVR comes with an improved elastic strap to provide you with a robust but comfortable experience.

Only for $179 $159

Play With Your Favourite VR Games

Burn calories while having fun in your steam library.

WalkOVR is currently compatible with more than a hundred games and many more are coming

More than 100 games were tested and verified not only by WalkOVR Team but also by the community. Check our games page for more detail.

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Talos Principle VR


    Designed for all Steam VR games developed today or in the future for the top VR headsets

    and it just works in 4 steps!

    Number 1 Icon
    WalkOVR users wear our proprietary motion trackers called OVR Nodes on their ankles, their knees or their chest
    Number 2 Icon
    When users start moving in place, the  algorithms running inside OVR Nodes track gamers’ movement
    Number 3 Icon
    Then, in a few milliseconds, calculated and filtered motion data is transmitted to OVR Portal
    Number 4 Icon

    OVR PORTAL 2.0

    Now More Powerful, Robust, Easy To Use

    Once the user's motion is transmitted, OVR Portal starts processing received data and converts it into your favorite VR game in real-time

    Download OVR Portal v2

    User Manual

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