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An Experimental Adventure: Boneworks

Virtual reality is an awesome way of experiencing content; it can be used for fun or to provide a virtual simulation of real-life events. Anyone who has used VR will tell that it’s a totally unique experience! Virtual reality games also are becoming increasingly popular, but with so many immersive games and options out there, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve played many VR games that we could get our hands on and brought the best of what we found back here to our backyard where we try to explore new games every day.

If you have read our blog posts before, you know our passion for classic puzzle VR games, and Boneworks is one of the best games of this genre of VR games! In this article, we want to talk about Boneworks, one of the most popular VR games in the market in the last few years, and share out thoughts and comments about it. Enjoy!

What Is Boneworks?

Boneworks is a virtual reality action-adventure game developed by Stress Level Zero. The game was released on December 10th, 2019, and it's available on Steam VR. The storyline of the game takes place in a world where advanced artificial intelligence systems are common and the player takes control of an employee of a company that manufactures robots for different purposes. The action of the game starts when one robot has gone rogue and attacked one of the employees and you have to get to the bottom of this story.
Boneworks was developed by Stress Level Zero, a small Indiana-based studio consisting of five people. It began as a tech demo called "The Room" that proved the viability of using realistic physics in virtual reality games. This concept evolved into Duck Season, an homage to Duck Hunt that included simulated gun physics. After its release, Stress Level Zero began work on Boneworks, which would expand upon the combat mechanics from Duck Season. Boneworks offers a very intriguing gameplay mechanic, combining puzzle-solving with physics-based combat. The graphics are quite good for a VR title and we really enjoy playing Boneworks!

What Else Can You Do In Boneworks?

Boneworks was designed as an accurate physics simulation game, combining some of the best features of both Half-Life 2 and Portal games. It uses the power of Unreal Engine 4 and has some of the most realistic physics simulations among all VR games out there. Physics in Boneworks is not only for fun but also a core part of the gameplay. You will be able to climb on and interact with almost anything around you as if you were really in that world. It is about using your physical abilities and smarts to solve problems in a realistic way, it's not just any VR game out there where you can teleport to different places or use magic powers to do things. This is what makes Boneworks so special compared to other virtual reality games out there.
Boneworks FullHD
The game feature several different modes including Story Mode which have players progress through several areas of an industrial facility known as Mythos in order to investigate what has happened to its AI is known as "Artificial Builder One" (A.B.O for short), co-op mode which allows players to team up together to explore and survive various levels, as well as various sandbox levels that allow players to experiment freely without any set objectives.

How can WalkOVR be used in Boneworks?

As a PCVR game, the game supports many headsets besides that it is not possible yet to play Boneworks on PSVR. Since it is a physics VR adventure game in the core, it can also be played with WalkOVR! With WalkOVR, you can add additional leg moves physically to your movements in Boneworks and you can enhance the things you can do in the game. The game has already been designed to be an experimental physical environment in virtual reality, therefore in our opinion, it is one of the best games to try with WalkOVR! Below, there is a short clip from Boneworks for you to see the gameplay with WalkOVR.
Boneworks is an innovative VR game that encourages fast decision-making as you jump through the woodwork of enemies, challenges, and obstacles. As you move your body arm pump, the controller reads the hand. This game is a perfect example of how immersive a gaming experience can be when it's properly executed. If you like puzzle-solving games with lots of action, we definitely recommend checking this one out!
Track your movements in VR
Track your movements in VR