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Best PlayStation VR2 Games in 2023

Nowadays, all sorts of gamers are taking advantage of the fantastic opportunities and unique experiences that virtual reality has to offer! Whether it's adventuring through an untamed wilderness or challenging your wits in a puzzle-filled quest, you're sure to find something to get excited about. With every development in the VR, industry comes increasingly immersive games and scenarios – and there's always something new and unexpected to discover when you put on those goggles and brace yourself for the adventure.

Looking to jump into the exciting world of virtual reality (VR) gaming on your new PlayStation VR2 headset? You're in luck – there's a huge range of amazing titles out there that you can play right now in 2023! Whether it's an adrenaline-pumping shooter, an immersive multiplayer world, or a relaxing puzzle game, we've got something for everyone! So let's explore the world of VR together and check out all the awesome gaming options available to you on PS VR2 in 2023!


Step into the vibrant world of Horizon: Call of the Mountain with Guerrilla Games. This virtual reality game has an immersive story that follows a journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Buried secrets, unexpected allies, and fearsome foes await as you explore a land of adventure and magic. Horizon: Call of the Mountain features intense action combat that utilizes melee weapons to fight off enemies. Maneuvering around the environment using momentum-based movement mechanics provides an unparalleled sense of freedom while exploring the world. Join up with friends to take on story missions or explore the expansive open world!

Before playing, be sure to read the customer reviews for Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Most agree that Guerrilla Games have crafted an interesting story with captivating characters and an exciting gameplay experience. If you're looking for some thrilling adventuring with plenty of surprises around every corner, look no further than Horizon: Call of the Mountain!


Gran Turismo 7 VR by Polyphonic Digital is the latest iteration of their popular racing simulator series and it's an experience like none other. Step into the world of high-speed car racing and feel the adrenaline rush as you zip around virtual tracks at breakneck speeds. The game has been designed to be highly immersive, utilizing the power of virtual reality to put you directly in the driver's seat. The graphics are stunning and the physics engine makes for some realistic driving action.

The game mechanics are a combination of arcade and simulation racers, giving you the best of both worlds. You can customize your vehicle with hundreds of available options, from suspension upgrades to custom paint jobs. Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, praising the game's unique visuals, sound design, and overall driving experience. If you're looking for a racing game to push your limits and if you have access to a VR setup, then check out Gran Turismo 7 VR by Polyphonic Digital – you won't regret it!

Resident Evil Village VR


Have you ever wanted to experience the horror of Resident Evil in Virtual Reality? Well, now you can with Resident Evil Village VR, developed by Capcom. This next-generation virtual reality game takes you on a thrilling adventure into an unknown world of shadows and monsters. The story follows the inhabitants of the mysterious village as they try to find out what is lurking in the shadow of their home. The game mechanics are designed to be immersive, allowing you to interact with the environment in a more realistic way. From aiming guns to opening doors, every action feels natural and true-to-life.

Critics have praised the captivating storyline, intense gameplay, and atmospheric ambience. Whether you're a fan of horror games or just looking for something new to try out, you'll definitely want to give Resident Evil Village VR a try. So if you’re looking for a truly terrifying and immersive virtual reality experience, look no further than Resident Evil Village VR - it is one of the best games for PlayStation VR2!


GoodbyeWorld Games has been pushing the boundaries of virtual reality gaming with its latest game, Before Your Eyes. Not only does this game take you to a world of mesmerizing visuals, but it also tells an emotive story that revolves around a journey of self-discovery. Through unique game mechanics, players are taken on a journey through a world filled with engaging puzzles, breathtaking scenery, and an ever-unfolding narrative.

The game mechanics are simple yet cleverly designed. Instead of relying on button presses or joystick swipes, players simply move their eyes to select different paths and options. This intuitive approach ensures that everyone can play regardless of the gaming experience. Plus, motion tracking offers realistic visuals and animations that bring the entire world to life. As for customer reviews, players have been raving about Before Your Eyes VR. Many have called it one of the best virtual reality games ever created. They've commended its immersive storyline, impressive visuals, and innovative game mechanics. If you're looking for something new and exciting, Before Your Eyes VR is definitely worth checking out.


Moss and Moss Book 2 are two of the most engaging VR games out there. Developed by Polyarc, they bring the world of virtual reality to life in a way that's truly breathtaking. In these games, you'll take on the role of a tiny mouse named Quill, navigating through vibrant, colorful worlds full of puzzles, combat, and an unforgettable story about friendship and courage. The game mechanics are simple but challenging — perfect for those looking for an immersive experience. Every move feels like you're really part of the journey.

Players have been enjoying the beautiful visuals and engaging mechanics in Moss and Moss Book 2, with many reviewers calling it “one of the best experiences in VR.” From the lush forests to the ancient dungeons, Moss and Moss Book 2 is a wonderful journey full of danger and discovery - these games are the best PlayStation VR2 compatible games that you can play! If you're looking for an immersive adventure with plenty of challenges, then look no further than these extraordinary VR titles.


Kayak VR: Mirage by Better Than Life is sure to take gamers on a wild ride. Combining virtual reality and kayaking, this unique game immerses players in a lush world of rivers and glades, giving them an experience like no other. The mechanics are simple, yet challenging: you must navigate the rapids using only your paddle to stay afloat! There are several difficulty settings, ranging from beginner to expert. As such, players of all skill levels can enjoy the game.

But Kayak VR: Mirage isn't only about competing against the river; it's also about exploration. You can try to find hidden caves and discover ancient artifacts, or just cruise around and admire Mother Nature at work. With gorgeous visuals, immersive sound effects, and realistic water physics, you'll feel like you're actually in the river! Players have praised the game for its stunning graphics, intuitive gameplay, and realistic physics. Many have noted that they could play the game for hours without getting bored. So if you're looking for a thrilling adventure with plenty of challenge, head downriver with Kayak VR: Mirage!


The Last Clockwinder is a unique virtual reality game from Pontoco that tells the story of an ancient clockwork machine and its mystery. In this immersive VR experience, players take on the role of the last surviving clockwinder and are tasked with re-activating the ancient device. Players must explore the world around them, using their wits and intuition to search for clues and solve puzzles. As they progress, they must battle strange creatures, use special items, and ultimately face off against a powerful enemy.

The game mechanics are complex but intuitive, offering an engaging experience to players of all levels. There are multiple levels of difficulty, allowing experienced players to master each challenge as they go. The graphics and sound design also add to the atmosphere of the game, creating a truly immersive experience. Customer reviews have been generally positive, praising the stunning visuals and enchanting soundtrack, as well as the innovative puzzle-solving mechanics. Players have also enjoyed the engaging storyline and how it encourages exploration across the map. As one player put it: "The Last Clockwinder is a captivating VR experience – I can't wait to see what Pontoco has up its sleeve next!"


Tetris Effect Connected was created by Monstars Inc., Resonair, and Stage Games – and it’s an entirely new way to experience Tetris. The game introduces a series of connected puzzles, where you can play against others in real-time on the same map. The mechanics are simple yet engaging – and allow for lots of creative problem-solving. You’re able to work together with or compete against other players to help your team progress toward the goal. The visuals are stunning and captivating, while the music and sound effects give the game an extra dimension that adds to the immersion.

Reviewers have praised the game’s innovative approach to the classic puzzler. Many have said that combination of the soundtrack and visuals create an atmosphere that is both calming and exhilarating at the same time. It’s easy to get hooked on the game’s addictive nature as you become immersed in its magical world. So if you’re looking for something fun and exciting to sink your teeth into, this could be the perfect choice!