Become a brand ambassador now!

We are offering you a new way to earn cash!

WalkOVR Trio is our latest VR locomotion gadget and we want to offer you a special discount, as well as a perfect chance to earn cash if you sign up for our brand ambassador program.

Become a Brand Ambassador Banner

By becoming our brand ambassador, you will immediately get 5% discount for WalkOVR Trio. After that, you may promote WalkOVR with your link, generated in the affiliate dashboard. For every customer that your link brings, you will get %5 sales commission, in cash! The more your link sells, the more you will earn.

You may also use your own link to buy a WalkOVR Trio. By generating one link and purchasing through that, you will not only benefit from the 5% discount, but also receive 5% of the cost back, as your commision. We don’t give WalkOVR free of charge directly, but all of the opportunities in the brand ambassador program means that you will be able to recover all of the cost of WalkOVR with your sales; your WalkOVR may come for free and furthermore, you may earn more money!

You will be able to withdraw your cash after 50$ is collected in your wallet, which means you will be able to withdraw after you make 3 sales in total with your link. You may use a direct card, PayPal or Stripe for the payment transactions.

How to Start to Earn

Step 1:

Click the button to go to the registration page. Register with your email address and a password will be sent to you.
Register Here
Become a Brand Ambassador Register

Step 2:

Click "Affiliate".
Become a Brand Ambassador Dashboard

Step 3:

Click "Become an Affiliate". You will be an affiliate immediately.
Become a Brand Ambassador Affiliate

Step 4:

Click Affiliate Tools to create a referral URL.
Become a Brand Ambassador Affiliate Tools

Generate links:

Copy the link of WalkOVR Trio page, paste it under the Generate Links part and click “Generate Link”. A link will be generated for you. You can copy the link or create a QR code and spread it to make cash.

Become a Brand Ambassador Links

Create banners:

- Write “WalkOVR Trio” in the search bar and select WalkOVR in the categories. Click “Search”.

- A list of all matching products will be shown.

- Click “Banner” and customize the banner as you want.

- Click on COPY SCRIPT and paste it into the website where AD BANNER needs to be shown.

- Click on COPY HTML and paste it where you want to show the AD.

Become a Brand Ambassador Create BannersBecome a Brand Ambassador Banner Style

Step 5:

When a customer uses your link to buy a WalkOVR, you will see it in your dashboard. Once the refund timeframe (30 days) is passed, the referral will be approved automatically and you will be able to see your commission in your dashboard.

You will be able to withdraw your cash after 50$ is collected in your wallet. You may ask for withdrawal directly to your bank account or/through Paypal/ Stripe.

As WalkOVR, we always want to offer our customers the best product and service, and this time, we are offering the best opportunity. Sign up, get on board and start making money right away!

If you have any questions in mind, please don't hesitate to reach us through or through our social media.