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Most Popular VR Game?: Beat Saber with WalkOVR MOCAP

As one of the most played VR games, Beat Saber is “the” VR game that everyone has been obsessed with since its official release in May 2019. According to many and also to us, the popularity of Beat Saber comes from the fact that it is maybe the most simple but the most fun and addictive game that you can play in virtual reality! In this article, we want to explore Beat Saber in detail and explain to the VR gamers how you can enhance your experience in the game.

What is Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is a rhythm VR game that takes place in a sci-fi-ish environment. In the game, you try to hit the cubes that come to you according to the rhythm of the music playing in the background, with your lightsaber. When we explain Beat Saber in a very simple way, it may come as a surprise that Beat Saber has reached incredible popularity among users of different ages, genders, or habits of gaming; but one can understand the success of Beat Saber when it becomes to be addicted to the game just after a few rounds of games! It is literally the definition of simple and fun!
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According to many, Beat Saber has been the VR game that makes people buy a VR headset. Although the concept of the game is very simple, the level designers have done an amazing job at building the levels from scratch with such variety and immersion. When you play the game, you get carried away with the atmosphere so that you almost do your daily exercise. Beat Saber is popular with this feature, too; it makes you move and break a sweat without you noticing it!

What Else Can You Do In Beat Saber?

In the game, you smash the cubes with the background music, and you just have fun! Seems so easy, but we guarantee that with different difficulty levels, Beat Saber can become a very challenging game that you need to make a real effort to pass the level. Everything aside, there is one thing that needs to be discussed when we talk about this game. According to us, one of the best features of Beat Saber is that it has different mods that you can use in order to enhance your experience in the game. You can reach all of the mods from Mod Assistant for Beat Saber, which can be downloaded from here. After you install the program, you can download the mods however you want.
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There are many mods online, and one enables you to download different maps, which is BeatSaver Downloader. It is a fact that the community of Beat Saber likes to add something to the game. That being said, everyone can create maps by using many tools and choosing the songs and the difficulties according to their preferences. With the power of the great community of Beat Saber and the mod BeatSaver Downloader, you can download the maps that are created by other players and enjoy the game twice more! In addition to this, we want to mention ScoreSaber, which adds to the game a pinch of competition. With ScoreSaber, you can see your place among others in respect of your score on a table and it is a great mod to track yourself in the game.

How can WalkOVR MOCAP be used in Beat Saber?

In the original Beat Saber, it is not necessary to use WalkOVR MOCAP because only the arms are used to smash the cubes. However, with one of the latest plugins, you can use your legs and feet in the game! By using WalkOVR MOCAP, you can track the movements of your feet and you will be able to play in this mode of Beat Saber. Below, we want to explain how you can download and install your plugin.

As we mentioned before, firstly you should install Mod Assistant to download the mods. After you install the program, you can see all of the mods as a list. In order to install the plugin, the mod called “Custom Avatars” is needed, so be sure to check its box. If you want to download other mods as well, you can just check and download.

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After you are finished with the mods, you can download the plugin here. The plugin will be installed easily and you may see it in the game immediately after you install it. In the game, you can firstly customize your avatar in order to use full-body trackers. In the avatars menu, you should calibrate your avatar.

From the menu “SOLO”, you can go to the mod section and you can set all of the things to play feetsaber. You will see that you are able to play the game with both of your feet and arms at the same time. After you do your setup, you are good to go!

If you want to see more detailed information, you definitely should take a look at the tutorial video of GingasVR, in which all of the steps are shown in detail!

As you have seen, you can enjoy Beat Saber twice more if you have a WalkOVR MOCAP. It enables you to track and show your real movements in VR and doubles up your immersion in the game. Are you curious about more? Don’t forget to check out our WalkOVR MOCAP product page and the video to learn more about the features!
Track your movements in VR
Track your movements in VR