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Old But Gold?: Arizona Sunshine

Haven't we dreamed of playing video games in virtual reality since we were younger? The fun and excitement that comes when you're taking part in a new gaming experience can't be denied. While there are some debates about virtual reality as a gaming platform and the future of gaming, the fact that there's a huge community surrounding it means it's still an excellent area of investment for game developers; it is certain that virtual reality games make you feel like you're in a different reality. You can be the hero or villain of the world, fighting off mutants, vampires, or monsters in games.

There are tons of VR games in the market, but the thing is that sometimes the older ones just hit differently. For us, Arizona Sunshine is one of those games that we always find a way to have fun in! In this article, we will tell you all about the classic VR shooter game Arizona Sunshine, and show you what you can do to have more fun in the game!

What Is Arizona Sunshine?

Arizona Sunshine Gameplay
Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter game that was released in December 2016 by Vertigo Games, which is the producer studio of many great VR games and experiences besides Arizona Sunshine, such as Anne Frank's House VR, A Fisherman's Tale, and one of the latest hits, After The Fall. Arizona Sunshine is a game with survival horror elements and you need to find your way out of the wild desert without getting killed by zombies it is definitely one of the best PC VR games! It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Arizona where you have to gather resources, scavenge for supplies and fight your way through hordes of zombies.
First Person Shooting games have always been viewed as a cool way to eliminate your foes, but not many people thought about how it could be made more realistic. With the advent of Virtual Reality, VR gaming has taken a step in the right direction. Unlike other shooting games, Arizona Sunshine is not just one game; it is completely another story that you do not find commonly in other games. You will be playing with a VR on your head to feel the reality and get into the game world with its great immersion. It is an amazingly fun game and a nice break from all the horror games that litter the VR market but we’ve got to be honest it does leave us thirsty for more!

What Else Can You Do In Arizona Sunshine?

In Arizona Sunshine, you play as Scott Smith, an average guy who wakes up to find himself inexplicably trapped in the middle of nowhere. You have to figure out where you are and then survive long enough to get your bearings. There are several missions throughout the game that keep you moving forward — a firefight with a group of bandits, a car chase, or getting help from a group of survivors trapped on an island after a zombie outbreak.

You can complete missions and survive by finding food, water, and other resources. For example, you can hunt wild boars with your crossbow to cook them and eat them to regain health or you can search for uncontaminated water sources in special radiation zones. Besides, the game has multiple endings, but it's up to you how you get there. A lot of choices have consequences, and some will lead you straight back to the beginning.

Arizona Sunshine
Is Arizona Sunshine worth it? According to us and to many, the answer is yes! Even if Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter game, it is also different from single-person cooperative games that you have tried before because it can be played as 4 players instead of 1. The game has three different modes, the single-player mode simply known as story mode, cooperative multiplayer survival mode, and end of the world which is a two-player co-op extravaganza. You determine how to play the game, just choose among these various Arizona Sunshine mods!

How can WalkOVR be used in Arizona Sunshine?

Arizona Sunshine is one of the games that has a very high immersion and probably that is why the game is still be played by many VR gamers even if it is a very old game. In order to keep up with the immersion and not to feel motion sickness, it is very recommendable that you play it with VR locomotion devices. As you may see in the video below, you can walk and run in place physically and naturally in Arizona Sunshine with WalkOVR! To be honest, it is one of our favorite games to use our product as Team WalkOVR, and we are certain that it will definitely enhance your VR gaming experience!
So, this is the end of our article where we have shared some Arizona Sunshine tips that may be useful to get to know the game a bit. As a VR experience, Arizona Sunshine is incredibly fun to play. The visuals and audio are spot on making the experience seem very realistic. Gameplay itself is on par with other FPS games which makes it easy to learn but difficult to master. We are very impressed with how well this game works for VR. If you haven't tried it with WalkOVR yet, now is the perfect time!
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