WALKOVR April 2020 Update

WalkOVR April 2020 Update

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Hi Everyone,

As stated in our previous update, we keep working on our current and future products & services. So trying to release new OVRPortal and device firmware versions as quick and as good as possible.

Last week we released v1.5 and planning to release v1.5.1 soon.

Current OVRPortal Release: v1.5

You can check release notes here.

With this release, we somehow completed the restructuring of OVR Portal's core. Therefore, you should see better connectivity, better login performance and better performance overall.

the calories you burn during your VR experience

From now on, you will be able to monitor how many calories you burn during your overall VR experience with and without WalkOVR. We are using a specific algorithm that measures your overall approximate body effort and reflects the approximate calories you burn.

We improve the overall calculations day by day as well as some related features for future releases.

Dominant Hand Selection

We got some requests from left-handed users to correct our approach for them since they all need to re-map their controllers according to their dominant hand usage. 

Now, on OVR Portal, you can set which hand you normally use in your VR experience. So, WalkOVR will behave accordingly.





Well, our plan was releasing decoupling with this version but we had to postpone that for some more time due to an algorithmic improvement. We will probably release it in the next minor release either in v1.5.1 or v1.5.2.

In Next Release

We are planning to release v1.5.1 soon, with the decoupling feature and some minor features such as the "in-client feedback system" so you can directly drop your messages into our inbox. Our goal is to get quicker feedback to apply quicker improvements. We also plan; an improved calorie tracking for your VR workouts; soft calibration so you can directly calibrate your WalkOVR in a second and many more...

In-fact we also plan some other surprises. Stay tuned.

Half-Life: ALYX - Tested and Verified

Just to remind you that we currently support Half-Life Alyx. Tested it on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest (via Link) on SteamVR; and I'm happy to share that WalkOVR is compatible with Half-Life: ALYX, tested and verified.





It is still fresh and we would be very happy to see you with us.

Please welcome to our Discord channel:




VR & Gaming for 'more'

As you may remember, I shared my thoughts about the global pandemic in our previous update. 

We believe VR & gaming is one of the major key players in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Therefore we created a page specifically for that, called 'VR for more'.

I'd like to share some articles regarding how VR can help us fight with COVID-19:

Virtual Reality Games To Keep You Fit During COVID-19 Lockdown

How Virtual Reality is helping to deal with COVID-19

VR Is Here to Help With Our New Reality

We also encourage you to support some of the great VR creators that may need your support by all means. We shared some of them with their Patreon pages on our "VR for more" page. 

Whatever you can do to support VR creators, it seems just the right time to do it.

It may seem a small drop in the ocean, but collectively it will be large enough.

Please let us know if you would like to suggest anything further regarding that. Your feedback is more important now.

Please #stayhome #playgame


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